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Class Offerings

Friday Night

Tween Social 

Skills Group

This class is designed for students 11 and older, who are ready for advanced social skills. Focus is on teaching students how to communicate effectively at school, in the community and online. Video modelling and role playing are used to encourage these students to problem solve effectively. 


Play Group 


This class is designed for students ages 3-5.  It is designed to target social and language skills through play. Skills that will be targeted during this group include taking turns and following directions, making requests, attending to peers, waiting to take a turn, and asking for help. 



Social skills Class


This class is designed for students  6-10 who are ready to learn social skills through lessons in a small group. Lessons on sharing, controlling emotions, flexibility at school and at home, problem solving social situations and how to get along on the playground will be taught in this group.